Buying a home is a very exciting time but there is a lot to do and a lot to organise.

When it comes to the legalities of the sale and purchase of property it is essential to appoint a licensed professional Conveyancer to ensure the process proceeds smoothly through to the property settlement where ownership of the property transfers from the Seller to the Buyer and the appropriate funds are transferred from the Buyer to the Seller.

The sale of property includes a lot of complex legal detail and processes so you will need a top notch experienced Conveyancer to act in your best interests if you are planning to:

  • Buy property
  • Sell property
  • Subdivide land
  • Register, change or remove an easement

For further details please click on this SA Government link

Please contact our team at Tru2Blu Real Estate and we will happily supply you with details of 3 highly qualified, experienced and personable Conveyancers to assist you.