Buying a house will likely be the biggest purchase you ever make. If you’re spending Hundreds of Thousands of $$$ Dollars it is very wise to invest a few hundred dollars to ensure what you’re buying is structurally sound and all it’s many facets work well and are fit for purpose.

A building inspection will bring to light any problems or potential problems with the property and alert you to the significance or otherwise of them.

A good building inspection will identify and point out all building, repair and maintenance issues but importantly will put into perspective whether they are serious concerns or just normal wear and tear that all houses incur as they age.

DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT get a well-intentioned parent or Uncle Dick to do your building inspection. We call them Dream Killers because we have seen many times how they try to impress their son/daughter or nephew/niece with their “so called” knowledge that they actually scare the living daylights out of the young couple and stop them from buying a perfectly good house.

PLEASE ensure you solicit a suitably qualified, professional, experienced building inspector, ideally one with a Builders Licence, who will guide and assist you through to a successful purchase of your new home.

Please contact our team at Tru2Blu Real Estate and we will happily supply you with details of 3 highly qualified, experienced and personable Building Inspectors for you to choose from to assist you.

A good Building Inspector will report on the following:

  • House interior – walls, ceilings, floors, doors, windows, kitchen, bathrooms, air-conditioning
  • House exterior – framework, walls (lintels, cladding), drainage, fencing, retaining walls, balconies, verandahs, garage, carport, sheds
  • Sub-Floor Space – timber floors, supports, ventilation, drainage, damp, suspended concrete floors
  • Roof space – roof framing, roof covering, insulation, sarking, party walls
  • Roof exterior – roof (tiles, shingles, slates, sheeting, gables, flashings), skylights, flues, guttering, downpipes, eaves, fascias, barges
  • Swimming pool fencing compliance
  • Other – stairs, steps, pathways