Where do you start when an ageing loved one is in decline and either requiring help in the home or finding a place in a nursing home?

Does your loved one need?

In-home care
Transport assistance to shops & appointments
Move to a Retirement Village
Low care independent living in a Nursing Home
High Care living in a Nursing Home

It is often a highly emotional time for your loved one and these important discussions need to be held in a friendly, caring and empathetic manner.

If you are working and have multiple commitments how will you find the time to work through the intricate maze of aged care and also be sure of sourcing the best possible outcome?

Well thankfully you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Through personal experience with her own loved ones and not knowing what to do or where to turn, Gail Ruth Miller succeeded in working her way through the traps and pitfalls and has since dedicated her life to help navigate others through the whole process.

Gail is a lovely and knowledgeable lady, having written several books in this specialised area, conducted public speaking forums and providing individual hands on assistance.

To learn more please click on the following link to Gail’s website