About Tru2Blu Real Estate: Tru2Blu, Tru2You

Tru2Blu Real Estate was established in 2017 and is the trusted independent community-focused real estate agency in Adelaide. Owned by proud local real estate agents Kathryn Coleiro and Paul Kloeden, Tru2Blu is an agency built on old fashioned values of care, respect and empathy.

Having a combined 30 years of experience working for other larger agencies, Kathryn and Paul noticed that something was missing in the real estate industry: a truly client-focused service. Therefore, Tru2Blu was born as an agency dedicated to respecting all parties in the buying and selling process, considering the community, people and their needs. This is made possible because as an independent agency, Tru2Blu don’t have to pay large overheads or follow the requirements of national head offices. This also means that all profits stays within South Australia, allowing us to give back to our wonderful community. We do this by channelling money back to local sporting clubs, community groups, schools and charities who need it most.

At Tru2Blu, we offer our services to sellers, buyers and those wanting to sell to property developers. While the process in each service differs, we offer the same level of client care, going above and beyond to ensure our clients feel valued and attended to. We love nothing more than getting to know our clients and helping them find the perfect buyer or securing their dream home. If you’re looking to buy or sell, contact our friendly Tru2Blu team on (08) 7222 9222.

Tru2Blu: Behind the Name

Our name, Tru2Blu was created as an ode to Paul’s connection to the Sturt Football Club in Adelaide, with Paul’s father naming him after the club (Paul’s middle name is Sturt). The Sturt football colours are dark Oxford blue and light Cambridge blue, hence Tru2Blu and the colours in our logo. Our name not only pays homage to our beloved football club but reinstates our value of community, with the club playing such an important part in our local community. Therefore, our motto is “Tru2Blu, Tru2You.”